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a film by Manuel Mozos

in pre-production


a film by Bruno Dumont

Competition, Berlin Film Festival

WESTERN 16 HD_edited.jpg

a film by Lisandro Alonso

Official Selection, Cannes Film Festival

Essential Truths of the Lake_frame04.jpg

a film by Lav Diaz
Competition, Locarno Film Festival

La Práctica - Portada.jpg

a film by Martín Rejtman

Official Selection, San Sebastián Film Festival


a film by Albert Serra
Competition, Cannes Film Festival




Liquid Skin 

Video Installation. MAAT 

Curated by Alexandre Melo 

Apichatpong Weerasethakul
Joaquim Sapinho 


Harvard at the Gulbenkian  

Gulbenkian Foundation 

Curators: Haden Guest and Joaquim Sapinho 

Produced by Kick the Machine and Rosa Filmes

"The force of reminiscence and industrial memory appears in the exhibition’s double scenography. Joaquim Sapinho uses the chiaroscuro of intimate memories to bring about the echoes of collective history. Whereas Apichatpong Weerasethakul uses collective memory to create the figures of an intimate narrative. Joaquim is a lyrical poet, Apichatpong works in an epic vein... Each artist has sought a source of light by reinventing the night." - Marie-José Mondzain 

Produced by Rosa Filmes and Harvard Film Archive

Dialogues between Portuguese film and world cinema, with: Agnès Varda, Albert Serra, Lucrécia Martel, Vítor Gonçalves Wang Bing, Manuel Mozos, Béla Tarr, João Pedro Rodrigues, Dennis Lim, Andréa Picard, Augusto M. Seabra etc.  


Roi Soleil 

Performance. Galeria G. Brandão 

Albert Serra 

Produced by Rosa Filmes and Andergraun Films

"With Roi Soleil, Albert Serra combines for the first time performance, images and objects, and, furthering his radical reflection about destiny and the human condition, moves his piece to the realm of an total art." - Alexandre Melo

Captura de ecrã 2021-06-29, às 15.03.09.png

The School of Reis 

Harvard Film Archive 

Curator: Haden Guest 

Produced by Harvard Film Archive, in collaboration with Rosa Filmes

The films and legacy of António Reis and Margarida Cordeiro and its relation to the work of Vítor Gonçalves, Joaquim Sapinho, João Pedro Rodrigues, etc.

Eneias 4.jpeg

CSG: mode d'emploi 

Installation. Gulbenkian Foundation 

Joaquim Sapinho 

Produced by Rosa Filmes

"A challenge was proposed to filmmaker Joaquim Sapinho, to bring together the founder's and the modern collections of the Gulbenkian Foundation. The course set by Sapinho's narrative refers to exile, to the transporting of a home and works of art to another country and to the expression of the immense confluence of cultures and civilisations in the founder’s collection. How to figure out the connection of this international collection with Portuguese art? This is the question this exhibition asks" - Penelope Curtis 

IMG_0001 - cópia.jpg

Democratic Painting 

Installation. Fundação D. Luís I 

Joaquim Sapinho
José Manuel dos Santos 

Produced by Rosa Filmes

"How was painting in Portugal before the Revolution of the 25th of April? How to give back the sigh returning the opacity, that may allow us to see these paintings not just as disperse or individual? They form the portrayal of a momento that is the ideal of democracy. As we, nowadays, live in it's disillusion, perhaps it's worthy to remember, precisely through art, a moment that in a form not as systematic, it was created the possibility of a democratic art." - José Marmeleira 

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