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Rosa Filmes is, since its creation, in the 90’s, a platform for creative freedom for a group of filmmakers like Joaquim Sapinho, João Pedro Rodrigues, Manuela Viegas, Manuel Mozos or Vítor Gonçalves, introduced to the art of cinematographic directing by the filmmaker António Reis. Rosa Filmes has also produced films by directors like Alberto Seixas Santos and Paulo Rocha and, today, is producing films of a new generation of directors.

The films produced by Rosa Filmes portray difficult and controversial themes frequently ignored by the remaining artistic and media representation of our society, finding solutions for ambitious and experimental representations. The filmes are born of a gained consciousness of the existing tension between the contemporary cinematographic language and the classic ways of representation.  New forms of cinema that create new films materialize this way, at each time.


Rosa Filmes has also been internationally acclaimed by a new model of coproduction and the coming of foreign directors (Soon-Mi Yoo, Billy Woodberry, Albert Serra) who embrace the production company’s project as a conceptual whole concerned with cutting-edge vanguard and artistic relevancy.


The films produced by Rosa Filmes have been presented in the major festivals in the world as Cannes, Berlin, Venice, Toronto, Locarno, Rotterdam, Bussan, Edinburgh, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Valdivia, BAFICA, Rome, Thessaloniki, Moscow, among many other.

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