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An homage to cinema under the pretext of the extraordinary life of João Bénard da Costa - director of the Portuguese Cinematheque for 18 years but also an actor, cinephile, an inspired writer and a creative reader. This is an unusual biography where the story of a man is told through the things he most loved, feared and contemplated. From baroque painting to Borges literature, OTHERS WILL LOVE THE THINGS I HAVE LOVED is the spellbinding journal of an universal man.


DIRECTOR Manuel Mozos PRODUCTION Rui Alexandre Santos DIRECTOR ASSISTANT AND EDITOR Luís Nunes SOUND EDITING Nuno Henrique RESEARCH AND TEXT SELECTION Luís Nunes, Manuel Mozos TRANSLATION Teresa Jesus Andrade PRODUCTION COORDINATOR Andreia Oliveira IMAGE Inês Duarte RECORDED BY Pedro Oliveira GRAPHIC DESIGN Sofia Bairrão VOICE João Pedro Bénard COMUNICATION Maria Inês Antunes POST-PRODUCTION Kino Filmes, Loudness Films WITH THE SUPPORT OF Governo de Portugal ICA CO-PRODUCTION RTPRosa Filmes

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