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Bonias Diaries

Joaquim Sapinho

Documentary / 82min / 2005





I went to Bosnia after war ended, in 1996, when the Danton Peace Accord was being implemented. Bosnia had been divided in two entities, which separated the two main opposing forces of the conflict; the Serb Bosnians and the Muslim Bosnians. Two years later, in 1998, I returned to Bosnia... This movie is a diary of the two voyages, in which I deal with the memories of the war, the death and destruction and with the victim’s struggle who don’t know how to return home.



Bosnia Diaries

Diário de Notícias

A Bósnia aqui tão perto


O realizador fala de "Diários de..."


Alexandre Melo


DIRECTOR Joaquim Sapinho SCRIPT Joaquim Sapinho IMAGE Luís Correia, Joaquim Sapinho EDITOR Vítor Alves ASSISTANT DIRECTORS Carlos Braga, Tiago Nunes MIX Nuno Carvalho original ORIGINAL MUSIC Hugo Alves PRODUCTION ASSISTANTS Haris Bajramovic, Ana Rita Clemente, Indira Mandzuca, Miguel Matias, Carlos Paiva, Tiago Santos PRODUCTION DIRECTORS Sandra Figueiredo SOUND Nuno Carvalho SOUND ASSISTANT Mário Dias PRODUCTION SECRETARIAT Mariana Cruz, Mafalda Santos, Paula Oliveira FINANCIAL ADMINISTRATION Nuno Beijoca, Cristiano Ferreira, Nuno Martins PRODUCTION Maria João Sigalho, Amândio Coroado

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