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This is My Home

João Pedro Rodrigues

Documentary / 51min / 1997




João Pedro Rodrigues films a vacation trip of a family of emigrants, the Fundo, from Paris to his homeland, Trás-os-Montes. Images of the couple's daily life in Paris - he's a shoemaker, she's a doorkeeper - alternate with the journey records of their trips when driving though the highways of France and Spain to Portugal and moments lived in the vacation course.


DIRECTOR, SCRIP AND IMAGE João Pedro Rodrigues IDEA OF Amândio Coroado SCIENTIFIC CONSULTOR Filomena Silvano ASSISTANTS João Rui Guerra da Mata, Filomena Silvano EDITOR Vitor Alves, João Pedro Rodrigues SOUND EDITOR Claudia Bravo-Martins MIX Miguel Sotto-Mayor ON-LINE EDITING Paulo Rebelo PRODUCTION CHIEF Carlos Paiva PRODUCER Amândio Coroado

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