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Police Woman

Joaquim Sapinho

Drama / 84min / 2003





Tânia is a young widow that lives in a village in the North of Portugal.

Rato, her nine year old son,  hangs out with bad company. He got into trouble and will be sent to a reformatory.

To stay close to her son, Tânia decides to run with him to Lisbon.

But on the road she will have to face destiny...


Best Film and Best Picture Award 

"L'Ulivo D'Oro" - IV Festival de Cinema Europeu 2006, Italy


Best Picture

VIII Festival de Cinema Independente de Ourense 2003, Espanha


Best Picture

III Festival Internacional de Cinema de Havana - CinePobre 2005, Gibara, Cuba

Cast and Crew

DIRECTOR Joaquim Sapinho SCRIPT Joaquim Sapinho CAST Amélia Corôa, Ludovic Videira, Mará Silva, Vítor Norte, Ana Nave IMAGE Jacques Loiseleux, Miguel Sales Lopes CEDITOR Manuela Viegas CONTINUITY Carlos Braga, Renato Chagas FIRST ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Jorge Ferreira da Costa, Angela Sequeira SECOND ASSISTANT DIRECTORS Nuno Dray, António Ferreira, Filipe Vilhena DECOR José Carlos Gama, Augusto Mayer WARDROBE Teresa de Sousa, Sílvia Meireles, Isabel Saraiva MAKE UP Araceli Fuente SOUND Armanda Carvalho SOUND EDITING Nuno Carvalho, Elsa Ferreira, Vasco Pimentel MIX Nuno Carvalho MUSIC Nuno Malo POST-PRODUCTION SUPERVISOR Miguel Matias PRODUCTION CHIEF Rafael Hernández, Vita Lains, Luís Oliveira PRODUCTION DIRECTORS Geraldo Fernandes, Paulo Leite ADDITIONAL EDITING Vítor Alves, Catarina Ruivo SPECIAL EFFECTS Rui Alves PRODUCTION SECRETARIAT Paula Oliveira PRODUCTION Amândio Coroado, Maria João Sigalho

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