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Two Drifters

João Pedro Rodrigues

Drama / 101min / 2005





Pedro and Rui have been lovers for a year. They kiss passionately while making vows of endless love. Later, Pedro has a brutal car accident and dies in Rui’s arms.

All by himself, Rui feels hopeless and lost, with no taste for living. But the love of Pedro and Rui is eternal. Odete works as skate-stewardess in a supermarket. When Odete insists in getting pregnant, her lover, Alberto, runs away. He doesn’t want to compromise. All by herself, Odete lives in a delusive world.

Her dream of having a baby becomes an obsession. When she gets home, Odete sees Pedro’s mother, Teresa, leaving to mourn her son. Odete hardly knew Pedro, an upper-floor neighbour, but, in a sudden impulse, she dresses in black and follows his mother into the funeral chapel. Her sadness for Alberto’s break up makes her weep Pedro’s death.

Odete transfers to the dead boy’s body her sorrow for Alberto’s disappearance and sinks into illusion. Pedro’s phantom is calling her…


À Pala de Walsh

Odete (2005) de João Pedro Rodrigues

New York Times

A Love Triangle Like No Other in 'Two Drifters'

Slant Magazine

Two Drifters


Prize for France Production

"Special Mention Cinémas de Recherche" - Directors Fortnight, Cannes 2005


"Círculo Precolombino de Bronze" award for Best Film 

XXIII Bogotá Film Festival, Colombia, 2005


Janine Bazin award for Best Acting to Ana Cristina de Oliveira

20th Entrevues Film Festival, Belfort, France, 2005


Jury's Special Mention

20th Milano International G&L Film Festival, Milano, Italy, 2006

Best Supporting Actress award for Teresa Madruga

2nd Cineport Portuguese Speaking Countries

Film Festival, Lagos, Portugal, 2006


Jury's Special Mention

XIII "Caminhos do Cinema Português" Film Festival, Coimbra, Portugal, 2006


Nominated for Best Film and Best Actress (Ana Cristina de Oliveira)

Portuguese Golden Globe Awards, 2006

Ficha Técnica

DIRECTORJoão Pedro Rodrigues SCRIPT João Pedro Rodrigues, Paulo Rebelo, Francisco Frazão, João Rui Guerra da Mata ELENCO Nuno Gil, João Carreira, Ana Cristina de Oliveira, Carloto Cotta, Teresa Madruga, Eric Santos, Carlos Pimenta, João Carlos Arruda, Maria João Falcão IMAGE Rui Poças EDITOR Paulo Rebelo CONTINUITY Rui Mourão FIRST ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Paulo Guilherme SECOND ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Jorge Braz Santos DECOR AND WARDROBE João Rui Guerra da Mata MAKE UP Emmanuelle Fèvre, Márcia Lourenço FIRST IMAGE ASSISTANT Tânia Ferreira SECOND IMAGE ASSISTANTS César Casaca, Sandra Meleir SOM DIRECT SOUND Luís Botelho EDITING ASSISTANT Nuno Carvalho MIX Nuno Carvalho MUSIC Olivier Bombarda POST-PRODUCTION COORDINATOR Sandra Figueiredo PRODUCTION ASSISTANTS João Pedro Barata, Maria João Pereira, Nuno Simões PRODUCTION DIRECTOR Rafael Hernandez SOUND Nuno Carvalho SOUND ASSISTANT Carlos Conceição SPECIAL EFFECTS Fernando Monteiro HAIRDRESSER Cristina Peixoto MUSICAL CONSULTOR Frank Beauvais PRODUCTION SECRETARIAT Teresa Pinto PRODUCTION Maria João Sigalho

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