Roi Soleil

“Lluis Serrat is in Jean-Pierre Léaud’s place, occupying Louis XIV’s place in the last stage of his life: the stage of death.

The film “The Death of Louis XIV” is the starting point for this exhibition by the artist Albert Serra, a filmmaker, in a gallery that is itself also a moat where the man that, here, is more than a man and that inflicts on us the feeling of our own precariousness. To see what there is to see in a man that is going to die. Which is in fact what we all are.

Sometimes the natural order of the elements of Power and Art allow themselves to be disturbed by a presence: a living presence of a mortal being. The eternal presence of death. The same way the Earth and all the humans gyrate around the Sun, and all the subjects gyrate around the Sun King, all the visitors of the art worlds gyrate around de Genius of an Artist.

But here, we look down upon what was one day the Sun. He moves, however, we also keep moving.

With the ROI SOLEIL exhibition, Albert Serra combines for the first time performance, images and objects, and, furthering his radical reflection about destiny and the human condition, moves his piece to the realm of an total art.”

Alexandre Melo, the curator.