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4 hearts

Manuel Mozos

Romance / 105min / 2008





Diana is a teenager who is looking for true love, the kind of love she recnogizes on her father’s, Gabriel, relationship with her stepmother, Madalena.


However, Diana finds out that Madalena has a lover, Miguel, and that she is leaving her father for him. Gabriel falls into a dreadful depression and seeing him like that, Diana decides to try to separate Madalena from Miguel.


Yet, during her efforts, Diana finds what she really wanted but in the man she hates the most...



Best Actor (João Lagarto)

Film Category in SPA/RTP (2010)



4 copas

Cast and Crew

DIRECTOR Manuel Mozos SCRIPT Manuel Mozos, Octávio Rosado, Cláudia Sampaio CAST Rita Martins, João Lagarto, Margarida Marinho, Filipe Duarte, Cristina Alfaiate, Sofia Cabrita, Diana Costa e Silva, Carloto Cotta, Inês Vaz, Hugo Samora, Paulo Roxo, Daniel Pinto IMAGE José António Loureiro EDITING Pedro Marques, Rui Santos ANOTADOR Telmo Churro FIRST ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Raul Correia SECOND ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Isabel Lebre DECOR Fernanda Morais WARDROBE Patrícia Dória MAKE UP Emmanuelle Fèvre FIRST IMAGE ASSISTANT Susana Gomes SECOND IMAGE ASSISTANT David Valadão DIRECT SOUND Nuno Carvalho SOUND EDITING Nuno Carvalho MIX António Lopes FOLEY Filip Kacl POST-PRODUCTION COORDINATOR Sandra Figueiredo PRODUCTION ASSISTANT Luís Gonçalves, Marco Gorgulho, Nildo Lopes, José Carlos Oliveira Martins PRODUCTION CHIEF Manuela Ribas PRODUCTION DIRECTORS Angela Caveira, Sandra Figueiredo SOUND Nuno Carvalho SOUND EDITING ASSISTANT Mário Dias SOUND ASSISTANT Luís Botelho, António Pedro Figueiredo HAIRDRESSER Ana Ferreira PRODUCTION SECRETARIAT Joana Serra PRODUCTION COORDINATOR Paula Ribas PRODUCTION TRAINEES Rita Clemente, Vasco Almeida e Costa, Tiago Santos PRODUCTION Maria João Sigalho

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