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Manuela Viegas

Drama / 110min / 1999


Ivan goes to live with his father, Vicente, the stationmaster, in a small remote village inland Portugal. People go about their chores, each wrapped in their own life. Gloria lives with a career and seems to be slipping away from everything and everyone. Set apart from everything is the secret refuge, the only safe place on the planet. Ivan is happy to share Gloria’s secret, a small heaven hidden in the river, below the water that separates the worlds. One feels like staying here.



 "Enter in a dream..." 

Le Monde,

 "Mysterious and secret"



"Gorgeous photographed"



"Uma viagem intensa ao coração de uma idade que poucos filmes foram

      capazes de capturar."

Cast and Crew

DIRECTOR Manuela Viegas SCRIPT Manuela Viegas, Joaquim Sapinho CAST Jean-Christophe Bouvet, Raquel Marques, Francisco Relvas, Ricardo Aibéo, Paula Só, Isabel de Castro, Carlos Melo, Pedro Alpiarça, Katia O'Wallis, Pedro Duque, José Nascimento, Joaquina Furtado IMAGE Jean-Michel Humeau EDITOR Manuela Viegas CONTINUITY Luís Fonseca FIRST ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Pedro Madeira SECOND ASSISTANT DIRECTORS Sérgio Matos, Carlos Braga DECOR ASSISTANT Eduardo Filipe Jr. WARDROBE Luisa Pacheco FIRST IMAGE ASSISTANT João Guerra SECOND IMAGE ASSISTANT Nuno Leite DIRECT SOUND Nuno Carvalho SOUND EDITING Nuno Carvalho, Vasco Pimentel MIX Nuno Carvalho, Laurent Dreyer PRODUCTION DIRECTOR João Fonseca IMAGE ASSISTANT Vítor Alves SOUND ASSISTANT Raquel Jacinto PRODUCTION DESIGN Ana Louro PLATEAU ASSISTANT Steven Malho LOCALS ASSISTANT Luís Topas, David Fernandes WARDROBE ASSISTANT Constança Vale PRODUCTION Amândio Coroado

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